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Who are we ?

CDP Innovation is a consulting and research-oriented company that markets fine chemicals, pharmaceutical, agrochemical and perfumery and cosmetics products.
Its aim is to help manufacturers in research, development and industrialization.
CDP Innovation offers its clients technological and economic information, consulting, training and research and development.



> info@cdp-innovation.com

> 09 53 66 79 86

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Next trainings  2013:

Apport de la RMN à l’élucidation de la structure des composes organiques

27-28 Mars 2013 à Nice

Biocatalysis – a Beginners Guide for Synthetic Chemists

Professor Nicholas TURNER University of Manchester (UK)

Paris 22-23 May 2013

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Programme 2024

<a href="fileadmin/Fichiers/publications_PDF/Catalogue_formation_2024-6.pdf" >fileadmin/Fichiers/publications_PDF/Catalogue_formation_2024-6.pdf</a>


Calendrier 2024

<a href="fileadmin/Fichiers/publications_PDF/Calendrier_formation_2024-6.pdf" >fileadmin/Fichiers/publications_PDF/Calendrier_formation_2024-6.pdf</a>


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CDP-Innovation est agréée pour le Crédit Impôt Recherche jusqu'en 2024.

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The main products provided by CDP Innovation are:



>Technological surveys

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